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While you can’t believe a word that comes out of John McCain’s mouth these days, I really want to believe this economist from the University of Chicago:

“The idea is that banking is so central to the American economy that the government is justified in virtually nationalizing much of the industry in order to save us from a potential depression.

There are two faulty assumptions here. First, saving America’s banks won’t save the economy. And second, the economy doesn’t really need saving. It’s stronger than we think.

Bear with me. I know that most everyone has been saying for a couple of weeks that something has to be done; a banking crisis could quickly become a wider crisis, pulling the rest of us down. For this reason, the Wall Street bailout is supposed to be better than no plan at all.

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The former International Relations major in me got the warm fuzzies when Barack Obama correctly pronounced Pakistan during the debate the other night.  And the cynic in me worried that someone, somewhere, with a reader/viewership, was going to find a way to make correctly pronouncing foreign countries into something bad.

I wasn’t disappointed.  Correctly pronouncing foreign countries.  How elitist of him.

Oh, and via Think Progress, aparently Gen. David Petraeus uses the same “exotic pronounciation.”

So I made an incredible discovery the other day. There’s a Fox News for liberals. And it’s called MSNBC. You probably all knew about this, but being the CNN addict I am, I had no idea. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to get most of your news from overly-biased news sources, sometimes my law school-weary brain gets tired, and I just want to hear some unapologetically biased news with a liberal elitist spin.

Oh, and the guest who is on right now just used the word “nefarious,” which incidentally is my favorite word in the English language. I’m hooked. Now I just have to try not to O.D.