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I totally forgot about this – or you know, mentally repressed it, whatever – until I saw a posts on Feministe and Feministing about it.

Don’t put my health in air quotes, John McCain. First, air quotes? Really? Secondly, on the off chance you actually become president, your VP choice doesn’t give me the luxury of showing similar disregard for your health!

Update:  More blacklash after the jump.

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“John McCain needed a miracle in his final debate with Barack Obama on Wednesday night, a miracle that would wipe away McCain’s deficit in the polls and reenergize his flagging campaign.

He did not get one. The clouds did not part. Heavenly choirs were not heard. Instead, the American public heard angry attacks from McCain.”

Roger Simon, Politico

I have a confession: I fell asleep during the debate.  I had a long day!  I was in the library/class from 8:30 to 5:30.  I know it doesn’t sound long, but I find being in the law library studying, or being in class, about ten times more exhausting than spending those hours at the office ever was.  I know, excuses, excuses.

What I remember before I fell asleep:

McCain: Barack Obama will raise your taxes.

Obama: I will not raise taxes for 95% of Americans.

McCain: Barack Obama will raise your taxes.

Obama: I will not raise taxes for 95% of Americans.


I feel asleep just as things were getting good.  If I remember correctly, McCain was accusing Obama of spending the majority of his time in the Illinois State Legislature trying his bestest to kill teh babiez.  And Obama was just about to tell him how he’s full of shit.  Luckily, through the magic of TiVo, I can finish it now.  I’ll update!

Update: Obama is a little weak on abortion.  Boyfriend and I debate whether he really believes what he’s saying, or whether he has to say it.  Relying on the hope Barack has instilled in our hearts, we choose to believe he has to say what he’s saying.

Update:  I love the idea of trading a year of public service for college tuition credit.  I would have been all over that as an undergraduate.  B says I shouldn’t worry about how I’m going to pay for my children’s college education, because the world will have ended by then.

Update:  Closing statement was great.  Tie, not so sure.  Michelle’s dress on the other hand – awesome.