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I was a little taken aback by the profound sandness I felt at the anti-gay marriage ammendments that passed in my state, Arizona, Florida, and California.  I can’t help but feel that 50 years from now, we will be ashamed of our biggotry and ignorance.

There’s been a lot of comparisons between the gay rights movement and the civil rights movement.  Being in a interracial relationship, I can’t help but relate it to the race-based restrictions on marriage that existed in many states until 1967, when the Supreme Court declared them unconstitutional in Loving v. Virginia.  This year, on June 12, the anniversary of the decision, which some people have called “interracial couples day” or “Loving Day,” I actually did feel a profound appreciation for the ability to marry anyone I choose, and very aware that only 40 years ago, I wouldn’t have had that freedom in every state.  And since I’m bi-racial myself, prior to Loving, my parents might not have been able to get married, and I might never have been born.

I can’t think of anyone I know who would look me in the eye today and say they believed in any limitations on my rights, as a heterosexual woman, to marry anyone I choose.  However, I do know many, many people who would be willing to deny that right to a gay person with the straightest of faces.  And add, at least in their mind, that they are probably going to hell.  They may believe the Bible says it’s wrong to be gay, but guess what?  50 years ago they also said the Bible said it was wrong for people of different races to marry.  And before that, that the Bible justified salvery.

I should wrap this up before I cry for the umpteenth time this eletion week, but I just want to shout at the top of my lungs… don’t you see?!  How don’t you not see?!!!  Future generations will judge us harshly for this, and rightly so.